Free Software Repack & Portable for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10

Real Screen Savers 1.1.0 (Repack)

Real Screen Savers (Repack) - there are many beautiful screensavers. Owned by savers, has long lost its original purpose of screen savers.But getting the picture tubes of old CRT monitors,

AAA Logo 5.0 (& Portable)

Convenient and simple tool to create colorful logos. Includes a built-in library of ready-made templates that can be used in the process of developing a project from scratch.In total, the

AMS Студия Эффектов (Studio Effects) 4.0 (& Portable)

Photo editor that includes over 350 special effects and filters. With it, you will be able to tastefully handle any image, and then save it to your computer, print or

Teorex Inpaint 7.2 / BatchInpaint 2.2 / Multi-View Inpaint 1.2 (& Portable)

Rekonstruiruet area of the unnecessary object from the pixels standing around. The program can be used to remove undesirable objects from still images. You can remove any objects from photos

UltraSNAP PRO 4.3 (& Portable)

A convenient tool for image capture, easy going and with lots of features.As written by the developers, originally UltraSnap was created for internal purposes, to speed up the process of

Teorex iResizer 3.0 (& Portable)

Unusual program which is able to increase without noticeable loss of quality individual fate photos. That is, you're marking a special marker those areas of photography that will vary in

Benvista PhotoZoom Pro 7.1 (& Portable)

Easy to use program to obtain clear and brilliant results even at extreme magnification. The app automatically rekonstruiruet details and easy to stretch Your image to the size of the

Face Off Max (& Portable)

Quite simple to use program with which help it is possible and to have some fun and amuse your friends. The app allows anyone with digital photos (if not available,

Video Thumbnails Maker (Repack & Portable)

Video Thumbnails Maker (Portable Repack &) is a program for removing "previews", caps, screenshots, thumbnails from video files. Utility can be used when cataloging home collections of movies, accompanied by

Axialis IconWorkshop (& Portable)

The program is designed to create, edit, extract and convert icons. It supports all major formats icons Windows and Mac OSX.The program allows you to easily work with icons. As

Photoinstrument 7.4 Build 830

Easy to use editor for digital photo processing, intended primarily for retouching portraits. Offers many intuitive tools for editing your photos (red eye removal, smoothing wrinkles, increase clarity, color correction,

Insofta 3D Text Commander 5.1.0 (& Portable)

The program converts any text into three-dimensional, allowing you to create your own logo, banner or slogan, as well as save them to your computer for later use on your

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